Osmosis MD by Osmosis Skincare, is available only to physicians. Osmosis MD provides a comprehensive skincare solution combining our best-selling products from our core brand and our highest-level of Active A serums to deliver proven results for your patients.

Complete Philosophy
Osmosis is achieving remarkable results because we give the skin the tools it needs to perform at an optimal level. We use Zinc Finger Technology to repair DNA, stem cell derived growth factors to enhance immune function and remodeling efforts,1,3 beta glucan to increase scar tissue remodeling, niacinamide and other ingredients to increase the skin’s circulation/nutrition, and retinaldehyde and 7+ other collagen stimulators to maximize dermal thickening efforts. The combination of all of these components is unique because they each work with the skin’s natural remodeling efforts. When combined they create such a healthy state that the skin repairs its imperfections and reverses sun damage without irritation or inflammation.

Dermal Focus
Osmosis is intent on targeting the dermis with the vast majority of its ingredients. This is achieved with liposomal delivery using phosphatidylcholine which is proven to increase penetration by 600%. Every Osmosis serum utilizes this technology which means our collection of the best skincare technology the world has to offer is getting to the dermis where aging actually occurs.

Barrier Repair
Osmosis is leading a new strategy away from daily forced exfoliation by returning the attention to where aging and damage really occur, the dermis. We have found that we can increase the epidermal turnover rate through increasing the skin’s nutrition and stimulating activity at the dermal level. This maintains a healthy, accelerated turnover rate while also keeping the protective barrier intact. The net effect is more moisture, less sun damage and better skin health while true skin remodeling is occurring in the dermis.

Botox and Laser Friendly
Osmosis products enhance the repair process because the ingredients are focused primarily on maximizing the immune function in the skin. We promote barrier repair so that their skin has less inflammation between medical procedures. Osmosis keeps skin activity at a high level and maintains healthy circulation even when that has been diminished by the slowed muscle activity that results from Botox.

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